Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flying Saucer socks

I couldn't resist the Flying Saucer sock yarn when I came in to work on Saturday. I had seen it before, and thought it was an ingenious idea: one spool, two strands dyed and wound together. Smart! Though I liked all the colors, "Sunspot" seemed the most season-appropriate.

I have made several pairs of socks before, but I wanted to try two-at-a-time, toe-up socks. Judy showed me the Turkish cast-on, and away I went. After knitting the toe and a bit more, I decided that the combination of the "medium" sized sock and size 1 Addi Turbos was creating too small of a tube, so I consulted with a friend (thanks, Brenda!), and decided to begin again with 16 stitches per needle cast on, and 72 stitches total after the toe increases. Much better! Though at some point, the patterns got slightly off, you can see that they are still extremely close, color-wise:

I love this yarn! The fabric has a nice feel (probably also partly due to the size needles I chose), and they are not rough, but also not so soft that they feel like they'll wear out after a wash or two. I can't wait to see the finished product, which will be a gift for Christmas!


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Kathleen said...

Cool! I am looking forward to your finished sock photos! Don't you just love the Turkish cast on for socks?