Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fair Isle Class!

Ever wanted to know how to knit Fair Isle (two color knitting).  Well here is your chance!

The first part of the class is learning a comfortable way to hold your two different colors of yarn.  You can hold one color in your right hand and one in your left, both in your right hand or both in your left hand.  There is also a gadget called the yarn guide to put over your finger to hold the two colors.

The second part is knitting the  Fair Isle way and learning how to "trap the yarn".

Your choice of lass times are:                   Wed. Aug 3rd  10 am to noon.
                                                               Wed Aug 3rd     2 pm  to 4 pm
                                                               Wed Aug 3rd      6 pm to 8 pm

                                                                Fri Aug 4th     10 am to noon
                                                                Fri Aug 4th       2 pm to 4 pm

                                                               Sat Aug 5th       9 am to 11 am

The cost of the class is $25.00 .  Bring a 16" and some worsted weight yarn.  Homework:  Cast on 100 stitches and do ribbing (knit one stitch, purl one stitch for an inch and a half.

Please pay your instructor in cash or check. She can't accept credit cards.

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