Sunday, January 01, 2012

Continental and Throw (Anerican) knitting class.

Have you put off doing color knitting because you were afraid it was too hard.
Beginning January 10th we are having two different knitting classes.    If you are currenly a contninetal knitter (kn with your left hand) and want to learn to knit with your right hand.  Or you are a thrower (American) amd want to learn Continental, This is the class for you.  Knowing both methods comes in handy when doing Fair Isle Color work. 
The class can be individual or with a group.  
The idea is for you to pick the time and date you want to do this class.  We can do anywhere from 10 am to 5 pm Tues, Wed, Friday or a Sat. Or any evening. after 5 pm.
Call and pick a time and day when you want to learn these two types of knitting. I use both hands when doing Fair Isle color work, so once you learn the opposite type of knitting you currently do, then the Fair Isle class is much easier.
The cost is $20.00.  And most learn in about an hour. 
Please pay your teacher by cash or check, she does not take credit cards.
Call and make your reservation.

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