Friday, August 17, 2012

Why we knit socks!

We are so enjoying all the sock  knitting that is going on these days.  Someone asked why would you knit socks when you can just go buy them.?

Because for me, store bought socks don't fit and stretch too much in my shoes, so I can kinit them myself and custom fit my socks.

Plus when I learned the magic loop and the two circular needle methods, wow, it totally changed my sock making process.

And the process is so much fun!

The sock yarns out there now are amazing. They self stripe, or change colors and self you knit them.,and they make great gifts.

They are a  wonderful take along project too. If you are somewhere and have to wait for awhile, a samll project like a sock are ideal.

So if you are as excited as we are about socks making, take one of our classes and get started right away.

Contact The Yarn Shoppe at 563-359-1002 or email us at theyarnshoppe@gmail.

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