Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gift-a-Month 2011 Challenge!

Hello, fellow crafters! Courtney here. I have a challenge for you.

When I first felt accomplished enough as a knitter to give people gifts, I’d often start them sometime in early December. After a few failures, and extreme late night knit sessions to finish projects on Christmas Eve, it dawned on me that summer is probably a more appropriate time to start working on handmade holiday gifts. Then, I started working on larger holiday gifts. Whole sweaters and shawls and the like. These take a REALLY long time to knit, so this year, I scaled down and made socks, hats and other accessory items. This was definitely more doable, but I started too late again (like, after Thanksgiving). So, inspired by my friend Brenda, this year I am going to attempt to knit at least one item a month, so that I can relax next December instead of giving myself carpel tunnel.

This is my challenge to myself and to you. Are you game? Here are a few options I am currently considering:

Fiddlehead Mittens

Endpaper Mitts

Falling Water Scarf

Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret


Baby Chalice Blanket

Stop in or comment below and let us know if you accept the challenge. There's nothing like accountability to keep you to your goals! Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

The domo-kun w/b a great gift for me on a day like today - I think he would fly thru the air nicely when you just need to vent! I really like the scarf and the fiddlehead mittens. It will be interesting to see which you choose. I, too, have started early. I am 3/4's complete with a Christmas stocking. I started it 2 weeks ago. Now, off to finish another project that didn't get completed in time!

The Yarn Shoppe said...

Good for you for being on top of things! I finished the Star Crossed Beret this week. It is a really quick, cute knit. I'll probably make another one for myself, and maybe even another for a gift!